Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Belarus leads the way

If you think your agri-policy makers can be a bit draconian at times, spare a thought for the world’s largest collective farm, otherwise known as Belarus, were agricultural production targets for 2016 have just been approved.

According to Resolution No.1037 of the Council of Ministers, agricultural output is set at 9.2mmt of grain, 1.4mmt of potatoes, 4.8mmt of sugar beet, 518,600mt of vegetables and 113,400mt of fruit and berries.

The resolution goes on to approve how much fertiliser, micro-nutrients, pesticides, diesel, petrol etc. must be purchased and instructions to ensure that at least 95% of agricultural machinery will be in a state of readiness for spring fieldwork before 25 March 2016.

They don't say what happens if they fail to meet the production targets, in the past the trick was to never not meet the production targets at least on paper.

The full resolution will come into force on 1 January 2016 and can be can be found at Белта.