Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Normal service has been resumed

Back on line after a brief sabbatical, thanks for all the messages of concern.

Truth is in all the years I have been living, travelling and working in the FSU the only time I have ever felt threatened was when I returned to the UK and went out for a beer on a Saturday night.

The world in general has risks and so long as you take sensible precautions like wearing a seatbelt and not looking too much like a tourist then you’ll be fine.

The problem with UK market towns on a Saturday night is the threat of booze fuelled random violence is impossible to predict and can come out of anywhere.

As can muggings.

I had to return to the UK recently and needed internet access so I popped along to Vodafone and was diligently supplied with SIM cards for phone and iPad and put on the best and most expensive tariff to give me unfettered access to the web.

Problem was that after two weeks I had used up all my allowance even though I was doing next to nothing other than checking emails.  

I had everything switched off so couldn’t understand why I was bleeding data from my allowance so I popped back to Vodafone to see Darren who couldn’t understand it either.

Long and short of it was after two weeks and six trips back to see Darren and his colleagues, Vodafone fleeced me two hundred and twenty quid for reading emails twice a day.

Quick google (from a café) and it turns out the internet is full of stories from customers who have been mugged by the tax dodging phone company.

I have since disposed of all my Vodafone SIM cards, vowed never to use the company again and awarded them top place in my list of least favourite companies’ right above Gold Car.

It’s good to be back.