Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday Black Sea crop news

Russian harvest is all but finished at 108mmt in bunker weight including 63.9mmt of wheat, 18.3mmt of barley, 12.2mmt of corn, 9.4mmt of sunflower and 2.8mmt of soya.

Ukraine harvest is 59mmt in bunker weight including 21.0mmt of corn, 2.2mmt of sunflowers and 3.7mmt of soya.

Kazakhstan harvest is officially finished at nearly 20mmt of grains in bunker weight up 5.8% on last year including 14.7mmt of wheat, up 2% on 2014.

Russian winter crop plantings stand at 16.3mha, down 7% on last year and Ukraine winter crop plantings are 6.6mha, down a significant 13% on last year.

Russia has exported 15.5mmt of grain so far in 2015/16MY, down 9.2% on the same period last year, including 11.7mmt of wheat, 2.5mmt of barley and 1.1mmt of corn.

In the same period Ukraine exported 15.6mmt including 8.4mmt of wheat, 3.5mmt of barley and 3.5mmt of corn.

Weather in Ukraine and Russia is cloudy and cold with daytime temperatures up to 8C/46F and lows around freezing with it getting colder as the week progresses.