Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Latest USDA weather update

Western FSU

Unrelenting drought in parts of Ukraine and Russia’s Central District contrasted with additional beneficial rainfall in southern and central Russia.

In western-most growing areas, sunny skies and near-normal temperatures followed last week’s rain, encouraging winter wheat development from Moldova into western Ukraine.

Meanwhile, scattered light showers (mostly less than 5 mm) in central and eastern Ukraine as well as southern portions of Russia’s Central District offered little - if any - relief from drought; over the past 90 days, precipitation has tallied a meager 25% of normal or less in many of these core drought areas.

Consequently, prospects for winter wheat establishment are bleak where crops were sown due to a lack of moisture and the approach of seasonally colder weather.

Farther east, a slow moving cold front produced 5 to 30 mm of rainfall from the eastern Black Sea Coast northeastward into the Volga District, further improving soil moisture for winter wheat.

However, only crops in the North Caucasus and lower Southern Districts were able to benefit from the moisture, as weekly average temperatures from the central Southern District (Rostov Oblast) northward were below 5°C, indicating crops in these northerly locales were dormant.