Friday, 28 August 2015

Russian Crop Tour day one

Yesterday we completed day one of our Central Russian Crop Tour with some interesting

After the first worrying crop assessment – see picture – things improved somewhat.

On the whole things are looking reasonable although reports from further south are less bullish and I have my doubts about what we will find further east based on what we saw last month.

We will complete the tour over this weekend with a report coming out soon after, if you would like a copy of the report (£100) and would like to support our ongoing initiative to provide an independent, unbiased and honest assessments of the Black Sea crops – and let’s face it there’s not a huge amount of information available – then drop me a line and I’ll register you.

To those who have already registered an interest I will get back to you shortly.

Just out of interest we have covered 21,000km looking at crops so far this season and will probably finish the year with 29,000km when all done, not a bad first year.