Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Volga crop losses continue to increase

Reports from the Volga region are now suggesting drought and heat have killed 160,000ha of crop and the regional government has announced a state of emergency.

The official government announcement fails to mention which crops have been affected so later this week I'm driving there to investigate.

I will write up a report of our findings available to anyone who contributes to our overheads.

The Volga region grows about 6% of Russia’s wheat crop so any losses here could be significant and I doubt if the effect is limited to the oblast borders so we will go further south towards Stavropol and east in to Rostov to see what the conditions are like there.

As previously reported Rostov is already suggesting yields will be down 20% on last year due to the dry autumn and if that is compounded by dry hot weather it could go lower still.

Rostov grows about 17% of the countries wheat crop so that would be significant.

If you think this would be of use to you and are willing to contribute say £100 (or less or more depending on how you value the information) then drop me a line to discuss and I’ll arrange an invoice and sign you up.

Thanks to those who have already pledged their support so far.