Friday, 3 July 2015

Crop Tour II report now available

After 4,000km, eight days, half a dozen ice-creams and a couple of chats with the local traffic cops the second full Ukraine Russia Crop Tour came to a successful end.

The 3,000 word report is now available for a reasonable price of £75, €100 or $115 and can be sent direct to your inbox or a link so you can download it yourself.

We can also provide you with the raw data that we collected should you wish to make your own calculations.

It covers an assessment of the condition of the cereal crops as harvest kicks off in the south and an assessment of the condition and yield assessment of the recently established corn, sunflower and soya crops.

As well as the report you will gain access to a Twitter account which is full of pictures and commentary posted during this tour and the previous tours.

As far as we know we are the only independent, in country, technically experienced tour that is taking place in Ukraine and Russia, we spend up to 16 hours a day on the road, we cover 500km each day, we walk right in to crops and not just peek in from the road, we dig holes and look at the soil and root development and we rarely change our shirts; we are the only Black Sea Crop Tour you need.

We are continuing to develop our Crop Tour service and will make it bigger and better, we are listening to our partners who are providing us with excellent feedback so we can supply the very best independent and objective information on the Black Sea crops throughout the year.

We are currently looking at setting up an annual subscription which will provide four crop tours at key points through the growing season with further additional mini-tours, regular written updates, opinion and commentary, pictures, videos and our availability to answer questions and have discussions.  

Essentially an annual fee to get your very own man-on-the-ground available all year round.

If you think this might be of interest to you then drop me a line and we can discuss how we can help you gain a better insight into what is taking place on the ground from an honest, independent and technically capable source.

Thanks to those who have already provided support in getting us this far.