Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Ukraine spring planting officially finished

Ukraine’s Minister of Agriculture has declared the 2015 spring planting campaign finished.

With a total (spring and winter) crop standing at an impressive, considering the circumstances, 26.5mha which is almost equal to last year as previously suggested it would be on this blog.

But I bet if you had a quick drive around Ukraine you’d still see some tractors working in the field.

This is because although the Minister has said spring planting is finished (right about when he predicted it would be two weeks ago) and he really believes it to be the case, here’s how it actually works.

The Ministry of Agriculture shout at the regional head to speed up planting in his region and finish according to the plan.  The regional head calls the farm director in to his office and shouts at him while waving a piece of paper with a league table of plantings for all the farms in the region pointing out he is in the relegation zone or there about.  The farm director patiently points out that all machines are working at full capacity and planting will be finished within an agronomically acceptable planting window.  The regional head starts turning red in the face and shouts that this isn't good enough while spittle flies out of his mouth, they need to finish now, the Ministry has told him so, his job is on the line.  The farm director suggests that if he reports they have finished planting would that help.  The regional head is ecstatic with this idea, calms down immediately and beams from ear to ear.  After much handshaking and general bonhomie the farm director is bid farewell.  The regional director reports to the Ministry that planting is now finished.  The Minister of Agriculture declares planting to be complete.  Meanwhile Yuri is still planting the last of the corn.

True story.