Thursday, 4 June 2015

Latest Russian spring plantings

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture reports that spring sowing stand at 46.7 million hectares or 90% of the forecast (46.8mha in 2014).

This includes 28.5mha of spring grain crops or 92% of the forecast (29.3mha in 2014).

Plantings seem to be catching up with last year apart from spring barley which if that is still going in now won’t amount to much.

Here are the numbers which are also in the chart with last years position for comparison which should expand if you click on it.

Spring wheat ​​12.2mha (93%); spring barley ​​7.6mha (93%); sunflower ​​6.6mha (100%); corn ​​2.7mha (95%); soybeans ​​1.7mha (81%).