Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Crop Tour II bus gets back on the road

Busy week, so much going on, so little time to write about it, so I’ll be brief.

Russian Crop Tour II complete, 2,200km through Russia’s grain belt, hundreds of assessment’s taken, analysing results now, winter grains in variable condition, some good, some bad, weather is playing a major part, autumn weather still having a significant impact, spring plantings variable, some OK, some bad, a lot of quality issues related to planting, weather will play a major part, very little disease, some pests, weeds starting to get ahead.

Tomorrow we kick off Ukraine Crop Tour II, back in the car, driving and assessing from dawn to dusk, we will dig holes to look at the soil profile and moisture, we will count plants and take samples to determine yields of winter and spring cereals, we will measure and assess spring planted crops, we will photograph everything, we will record, we will form an opinion, we tweet everything we see, we will report, we will send that report to all the great and clever and attractive people who had the foresight to sign up and support the only independent in depth study of crop conditions in Ukraine and Russia.

There is still time to sign up to the tour and become clever and attractive and support us in our endeavour to inform and bring light to the darkness of confusion.

Right lads, stop crying and get back on the bus.