Thursday, 21 May 2015

Rain stops play in Kazakhstan

Heavy rains in Kazakhstan have stopped the spring planting campaign in almost all oblasts of the country according to Auezkhan Darinov, Chairman of the Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan.

Mr Darinov said that in general spring planting should be completed by 1 June with some regions going on to 5 June but it is too early to say that the planting campaign is at risk of failure.

But he conceded that if it keeps raining for another three or four days then that risk will appear.  According to forecasts it’s expected to rain for the next three or four days so it appears there is a risk.

To date Ministry figures say farmers have planted 1.2mha (8.8%) of spring grains as opposed to 1.8mha (12.6%) on the same date last year.

If these numbers are accurate - I can’t currently access the Ministry website to confirm - this would put a big dent in Kazakhstan’s grain output this year.

Although it is worth reminding ourselves that it’s not the planting date that’s important it’s the emergence date.

Planting late into warm moist soils is often the same as planting early in to dry soils so don’t write them off just yet.