Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Latest USDA weather update for western FSU

Additional showers further eased dryness concerns in central growing areas and maintained favourable soil moisture in the south.

The rain, which fell both at the beginning and end of the period, totalled 2 to 25 mm (locally more) over most of the region’s primary growing areas.

In the south, the moisture sustained favourable prospects for vegetative winter wheat and recently-planted summer crops.

Farther north, the rainfall further reduced lingering long-term (since September 1) precipitation deficits from northern Ukraine into west-central Russia; the recent, persistent wet weather in these northern locales has continued to improve prospects for winter wheat, spring grains, and summer crops.

However, a break from the showery weather during the middle of the week facilitated corn and sunflower planting.

Temperatures averaged up to 6°C above normal, accelerating crop development after last week’s chilly conditions.