Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Why doctors receptionist should never grow bread

In the past I have experienced several healthcare systems and I would say that the UK NHS is outstanding.

But trying to book a doctors appointment with a receptionists is an exercise in patience and restraint. 

I have tried on three consecutive mornings now and failed.

If I applied the same approach to producing a loaf of bread as a doctors receptionists does to booking an appointment it would go something like this.

"You want a loaf of bread? Please call after eight thirty to book one."

"Sorry all loaves of bread have now gone for the day, you can try again tomorrow."

"I know it's only eight thirty five and you've been in a queue since eight thirty but there are no more loaves of bread available today."

"No you can’t pre-book one, I know you’re still hungry but you will have to call again tomorrow."

"I understand this is your third day without a loaf of bread and you are now very hungry."

"I can offer you our practice cracker at 4:30 but no loaves of bread."

"I'm sorry but that's the system and besides you don't sound that hungry, do you really need a loaf of bread?"

Just be thankful that doctors receptionist are not in charge of producing our bread.