Friday, 27 February 2015

4KKM Crop Tour™ update

The crop tour is starting to swing in to action this week so I told the kids to start packing their toy and prepare to leave our current home.

I say toy, the kids have loads of toys but if I'm carrying them from Bordeaux to London to Moscow and beyond then we’ll have to leave the rest behind which might be harsh but I think is an important lesson. 

I did tell them that if more people signed up to the tour then we might be able to afford the excess baggage on more toys. 

So those of you who said, “nah, we’ll ‘borrow’ a copy of the report” from someone who has signed up; you are directly responsible for my two year old having to decide which one of her favourite cuddly toys she can take with her and which get left behind to die.

Although the report will be useful, personally I think the real benefit will be following us on our Members Only Twitter account as we post photographs, video, commentary and answer questions as it happens in real time.

I set up a Paypal account so members of the tour could easily, seamlessly and safely send me their contribution in a variety of currencies.
I think it has worked well from that perspective but what Pay-not-my-pal conveniently failed to tell me was that as a new seller they would hold on to the funds for 21 days just to make sure I'm not an international drug smuggler laundering funds or a Russian oligarch looking to buy a football team.

Actually what they said is funds will be held for 21 days from the first transaction for the next 60 days.  Got that?  Me neither.

Over the last week I have had a steady communication with Pay-not-my-pal which has been like talking to a twelve year old; unless you ask the exact right question they won’t tell you what it is you actually need to hear but as you have never used the service before you don’t know what it is you need to hear.

And they have dodged my question about can charge them interest.

So, move over Gold Car, you are still the worst car hire company that has ever existed but your position as my number one least favourite company has been lost to Paypal, the company that charges you a hefty fee not to transact your funds.