Thursday, 15 January 2015

Time for change?

The life of a jet setting international agriculturalist sounds like a glamorous gig and while it does have some upsides you often find yourself wishing things could just be a little more straightforward.

Moving house as projects dictate goes with the territory.  

Over the last seven years we moved on average about every 18 months until 2014 when we moved into five different homes across three countries over the course of eight months and we haven’t stopped.

At the moment we are overwintering in a beautiful farm house deep in the French countryside surrounded by the most perfect, vibrant green fields of wheat, enjoying the cuisine and sampling the reds, definitely very much an upside.

Being back in Europe we arranged for a year’s supply of post to be forwarded to us, in amongst the general guff and junk was a reminder that we needed to register our eldest for school this coming September.  

The problem is we have no idea which country we will be in by September so making a choice of four schools in order of preference was bit of a challenge.

After seven years on the move, producing two children in that time, dealing with decrepit hospitals, failing infrastructure, intransigent bureaucracy, none payment of invoices, pubs like the one pictured and enjoying the company of road police on a weekly basis then a steady safe routine starts to look a bit more attractive.