Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Buckwheat makes it on to the BBC news.

Botanists call Buckwheat a pseudo-cereal because it’s not actually wheat, Russians call it tasty and wholesome.

Rumours that snow has ruined the harvest in the Altai region have caused panic-buying and pushed up the price.

A few week’s back I was in Spain and passed a Russian product shop run by Russians for the extensive Russian ex-pat community hankering after pelmini and smetana, out of interest I popped in.

The lady running the shop said they hadn't had any buckwheat delivered for several weeks but were expecting some soon, possibly, but the price had gone up.

Back in Russia experts are saying stockpiles are plentiful, they see no reason for concern or shortages and rule out any link with the sanctions imposed over the Ukraine crisis.

They go on to say panic-buying is pure and simple hysterics, which kind of describes what panic buying is.