Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Ukraine harvest & planting update

Ukraine harvest stands at 61.7mmt of grains and pulses from 14.3mha (97% excluding Crimea) with an average yield of 4.30mt/ha.

The highest grain yields occurred in western oblasts and reached 6.34mt/ha which gives you some idea of the long term potential.

To date Ukraine has harvested 25.2mmt of maize; 9.8mmt of sunflowers from 5.0mha (97%) with an average yield of 1.9mt/ha and 3.8mmt of soyabeans from 1.8mha (98%) with an average yield of 2.15mt/ha.

This week the President of Ukrainian Grain Association said that Ukraine could produce as much as 120mmt if it increased crop yields in line with the US and France and that ten years ago Ukraine produced 30mmt, today it’s more 60mmt.

He goes on to say that the crop yield is the integral indicator of development both the government and the agricultural sector.

I’d have to agree with that.