Friday, 14 November 2014

Ukraine harvest & planting update

Ukraine harvest stands at 60.7mmt of grains and pulses from 14.2mha (96% excluding Crimea) with an average yield of 4.28mt/ha (57mmt in 2013).

To date Ukraine has harvested 24.2mmt of maize from 4.1mha (89%) with an increasingly impressive average yield of 5.84mt/ha; 9.8mmt of sunflowers from 5.0mha (97%) with an average yield of 1.9mt/ha and 3.7mmt of soyabeans from 1.8mha (97%) with an average yield of 2.13mt/ha.

Ukraine has planted 7.5mha of winter grains (100% excluding Crimea) including 6.4mha wheat & triticale, 985kha barley and 149kha rye.

So far 6.3mha of winter grains have emerged with 83% in good to satisfactory condition, 17% poor, a further 1.0mha failed to emerge – that’s a poor emergence rate and slightly suspicious, I suspect more of that will be reported as emerged in the coming weeks.