Friday, 14 November 2014

Russian harvest & planting update

Russia harvest slowing down with 109mmt of grains and pulses from 43.6mha (96.9%) cut since the last report and an average yield of 2.50mt/ha.

This includes 61.7mmt of wheat from 23.8mha (97%) with an average yield of 2.59mt/ha; 21.1mmt of barley from 9.0mha (99%) with an average yield of 2.35mt/ha; 10.2mmt of corn from 2.2mha (85%) with an average yield of 4.53mt/ha; 8.4mmt of sunflowers from 5.9mha (88%) with an average yield of 1.41mt/ha; 1.4mmt of oilseed rape from 1.0mha (86%) with average yield of 1.42mt/ha. Anything not harvested will have shed seed and 2.4mmt of soybeans from 1.8mha (91%) with an average yield of 1.36mt/ha.

Russia has planted 16.6mha of winter grains or 100.4% of the planned, up 1.8mha on last year.

In view of the potential shortages in the larder the Deputy of the Agrarian Committee takes a relaxed view on GM saying a total ban is impossible.

To quote the other Marx “those are my principles and if you don’t like them, I have others”.