Friday, 7 November 2014

Latest USDA weather update for western FSU

Cold, mostly dry weather prevailed, with some rain and snow in the driest northern growing areas.

A strong area of high pressure brought sunny skies and below-normal temperatures (1-4°C below normal) to most winter crop areas of Ukraine and Russia.

Night time readings dropped below -10°C in central and northern Russia as well as the higher terrain of the North Caucasus District, accelerating winter crops into dormancy.

Somewhat milder conditions (night time lows of -5 to 0°C) in southern portions of Ukraine and Russia’s Southern District allowed winter wheat in these areas to remain vegetative.

Some light rain and wet snow (1-10 mm liquid equivalent) was reported in the driest winter wheat areas, including northern portions of the Southern District and southern-most portions of the Central District, though the past week’s cold likely minimized the moisture’s benefit since crops in these areas were approaching or entering dormancy.

Farther south, late-week rain and mountain snow (1-10 mm liquid equivalent) maintained favourable winter crop prospects in the North Caucasus and southern-most Southern District.

Across the remainder of Russia, lingering snow cover hindered or halted spring wheat harvesting in eastern portions of the country.