Thursday, 27 November 2014

Harvest round-up from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan

First snows starting to fall around the regions and harvesting is nearing completion.

Outstanding crops to be harvested will now be grabbed at in fits and starts with the usual small amount of maize and sunflower left out over winter although it will all be officially reported as being cut.

Ukraine has harvested 62.3mmt of grains and pulses from 14.4mha (97% of the planned area excluding Crimea) with an average yield of 4.32mt/ha.

This includes 25.8mmt of maize from 4.4mha (94%) with an average yield of 5.89mt/ha; 9.9mmt of sunflower from 5.1mha (97%) with an average yield of 1.96mt/ha and 3.8mmt of soybeans from 1.7mha (99%) with an average yield of 2.13mt/ha.

Russia has harvested 110.1mmt of grains from 43.8mha (97% of the planned areas) with an average yield of 2.51mt/ha.

This includes 62.2mmt of wheat from 23.9mha (97%); 21.2mmt of barley from 9.0mha (99%); 11.0mmt of maize from 2.4mha (92%); 8.6mmt of sunflower from 6.2mha (91%); 1.4mmt of oilseed rape from 6.2mha (88%) and 2.5mmt of soyabeans from 1.8mha (93%).

Kazakhstan harvest is slightly up on earlier predictions at 18.7mmt of grains but still down on the previous year’s 20.7mmt.

To date they have cut 14.7mha (98%) with an average yield of 1.27mt/ha.