Thursday, 20 November 2014

Dutch poultry EU paltry

In the Netherlands a 150,000 layer farm was found to be infected with the avian flu strain H5N8.

The Dutch cannot export poultry meat to markets beyond the EU for the next three months and industry leaders are saying losses could be as high as €100 million.

No problem, just tap in to the EU agricultural contingency fund, a situation I would have thought the fund was set up for.

Only problem with that is that of the €433m set aside for 2015 EU ministers have in their infinite wisdom already spent €344m bailing out farmers hit by the EU US sanctions and Russian food embargo.

A similar strain of avian flu has also been identified on farms in Germany and the UK so presumably the call on what’s left in the fund will only grow and it’s still 2014.

Sounds like this hasn't been completely thought through.