Friday, 14 November 2014

Belarus and Kazakhstan update

According to Belarus Deputy Minister of Ag, Russian rouble devaluation caused $160m loss in the agricultural industry of the country (8.6%) from August to October.

This won’t be helped by the Comrade next door banning meat imports but the Ministry of Agriculture and Food has a cunning plan to minimise losses by selling more cheese.

It is now the patriotic duty of every Belarussian citizen to eat more cheeses.

Not sure if the current policy not to export grains despite the large-scale harvest volumes is a good idea or not. 

Presumably the idea is based around adding value to grain and exporting milk and meat which is good if you can wait for the cash.

Kazakhstan harvest slightly upon forecasts at 18.0mmt of grains and pulses from 14.3mha (96%) with an average yield of 1.26mt/ha (20mmt in 2013).

I've just finished some research on Kazakhstan for a client, it's been a while since I was last there, call me masochistic but I kind of fancy going back.

Great place, great people but horse oesophagus does take some getting used to.