Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation corn harvest estimate

Ukraine’s latest corn harvest update shows 14.7mmt of crop from 2.8mha (60%) with an average yield of 5.28mt/ha.

The Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation has estimated final harvest volumes will reach 27.0mmt.

That will require the yield to improve from the current average of 5.28mt/ha to 5.78mt/ha, an increase of 0.50mt/ha or 9%.

Except what is actually required is the remaining crop to be harvested (1.88mha) will need to average 6.54mt/ha.

Personally I don’t see that happening, in my experience yields tend to fall as you move on to the later planted crops and weather starts to have a greater impact on harvesting operations.

Plus there is always a percentage of crop that doesn't get harvested until the spring.

I would suggest 27.0mmt is a great aspiration but in reality and given some consideration I would say it’s unlikely.