Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ukraine harvest update

How time flies, one minute I was talking about the start of harvest then the next minute we are
looking at the finishing stages.

Ukraine has harvested 48.2mmt of grains and pulses from 12.3mha or 83% of the planned area giving an average total yield of 3.91mt/ha.

This is up on the same time last year when total yields were running at 3.54mt/ha.

Current figures breakdown as 11.8mmt of corn from 2.3mha (50%) with an average yield of 5.10mt/ha; 8.8mmt of sunflowers from 4.67mha (91%) with an average yield of 1.89mt/ha; 2.9mha soyabeans from 1.38mha (77%) with an average yield of 2.09mt/ha.