Thursday, 7 August 2014

Ukraine harvest update

Ukraine has harvested 31.2mmt of early grains and pulses from 8.8mha.

This is 90% of the planned areas without Crimea giving a yield of 3.54mt/ha.

At the same point last year they had harvested 29.4mmt from 9.5mha with a yield of 3.11mt/ha.

This year’s harvest was slow to get started but seems to have caught up and past last year both in terms of timeliness and yield.

Scores on the doors are winter wheat 3.89mt/ha; winter barley 3.02mt/ha; rye (or as I call it, why?) 2.49mt/ha; oats 2.42mt/ha; peas 2.39mt/ha; winter oilseed rape 2.43mt/ha.

Not quite sure how these latest numbers tally with the last report, seems there are some anomalies, lets wait and see how the next announcement fits.