Friday, 18 July 2014

Uzbekistan harvest breaks records

I haven’t been to Uzbekistan in some time but the reports coming out of the Ministry of Agriculture remind me of…hang on, this sounds familiar.

The Uzbek Ministry of Agriculture is reporting that to date 60% of the harvest is in, which so far has produced 8.05mmt with an average yield of 5.5mt/ha.

The President of Uzbekistan was rightly impressed with this record breaking yield that he sent a letter of congratulations to grain farmers saying that such a harvest was collected for the first time in the country's agricultural history despite adverse weather and climatic conditions.

He went on to say that 23 years ago they bought 5mmt of grain a year but now could grow enough to feed the 31 million Uzbek people and have some left over for export.

But he did forget to mention child slave labour used to collect the nations cotton crop, that must be in the next memo.

Grain yield has risen from 1.7mt/ha to 5.5mt/ha in that time.

It seems high, I wonder if they are now growing more corn and including that in the grain production figures?