Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ukraine harvest update

To date Ukraine has cut 891kha or 9% of the planned area producing 2.5mmt of grain with an average yield of 2.78mt/ha.

This compares to the same date last year when 2,174kha was cut giving an average yield of 2.55mt/ha.

The yield might be up because of a combination of no Crimea which is generally lower yielding and would skew the average downwards and better growing conditions producing a better crop.

But I am having difficulty in reconciling the shortfall of 1.2mha harvested, some of that will be Crimea but not all of it surely.

Is the conflict having a bigger impact than I first estimated?

The latest figures include 227kha wheat yielding 2.72mt/ha; 655kha barley yielding 2.81mt/ha; 15kha peas yielding 1.81mt/ha and 112kha winter oilseed rape (or canola) yielding 1.66mt/ha.