Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Russian harvest update

Russia has harvested 12.7mha or 27% of the crop, producing 43.6mmt dirty weight with a slight drop in yield from the last report to 3.44mt/ha.

At the same time last year Russia had cut the same area, 12.7mha, but produced 35.5mmt yielding less at 2.79mt/ha.

It's looking like this years crop is going to be better than last although Russia might have problems finding customers for all that grain if sanctions continue to be imposed.

Current individual crop yields stand at wheat 35.9mmt, yield 3.64mt/ha (3.03mt/ha in 2013); barley 3.8mmt, yield 3.05mt/ha (2.29mt/ha); oilseed rape 367kmt, yield 1.65mt/ha (1.71mt/ha).