Friday, 18 July 2014

Russian harvest update

To date Russian farmers have cut 15% or 7.1mha of the early crop harvest.

This has produced 24.9mmt of grain with an average yield of 3.51mt/ha (3.01mt/ha 2013).

Not that it really means anything because each season is earlier or later but at the same point last year they had cut 9.0mha so some would have you believe the harvest is behind.

Not me though, I believe plants kept growing longer and matured later because soil moisture allowed them to do so, thus harvest started later but will undoubtedly catch up under hot dry conditions; a hypothesis borne out by higher yields this year compared to last (except the rape, rape is always a dog at harvest, one sniff of heavy rain and it’s on the floor).

In detail then, the scores on the doors are wheat 3.61mt/ha (3.17mt/ha 2013); barley 3.36mt/ha (2.67mt/ha 2013); oilseed rape 1.61mt/ha (1.72mt/ha 2013).