Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Russian harvest update

After a wet and windy period the current settled weather has allowed the Russian harvest to get some steam up.

The South, North Caucasus and Crimea have between them harvested 953kha or 2.1% of the planned area and produced 3.5mmt of grain.

Reported total average yield is 3.65mt/ha (which to me is a next to useless figure, imagine the USDA reporting 160 buckets [or whatever passes as a measurement over there] of grain per acre).

This includes 309kha of wheat yielding 3.67mt/ha and 352kha barley yielding an impressive 4.07mt/ha (3.69mt/ha last year).

Additionally Krasnodar, Stavropol Krais, the Republics of Adygea and Crimea have harvested 49kha (4%) of oilseedrape at a not too shabby 1.78mt/ha.

Overall not too bad and the harvest has yet to get into the more productive regions further north.