Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Latest USDA weather update for western FSU

Volume 101, no. 28, full report here.

Mostly dry, warm weather promoted southern fieldwork, while locally heavy rain boosted summer crop prospects in central and western portions of the region.

High pressure centred over western Kazakhstan maintained a warm, southerly flow across much of the region, with temperatures averaging 1 to 2°C above normal in Russia’s Southern District and up to 4°C above normal in western Ukraine.

Mostly dry weather prevailed in many key winter wheat areas from southern Ukraine into southern Russia, allowing winter wheat harvesting to accelerate.

However, a narrow band of locally heavy showers and thunderstorms (10-70 mm) from eastern Ukraine into Russia’s Southern District curtailed fieldwork but boosted soil moisture for corn and sunflowers.

Meanwhile, showers and thunderstorms - some severe - dropped 10 to 75 mm of rain in Moldova, northern and western Ukraine, Belarus, and northwestern Russia, benefiting filling small grains and reproductive summer crops.

In contrast, dry albeit cool weather (1-3°C below normal) prevailed in the Volga District, promoting spring wheat development.