Monday, 14 July 2014

Latest USDA weather update for western FSU

Volume 101, no. 27, full report here.

A return of drier, warmer weather promoted summer crop development and allowed fieldwork to resume.

After last week’s soaking rainfall, sunny skies and above-normal temperatures allowed producers in key southern and western winter wheat areas of Russia and Ukraine to resume harvesting.

The break from recent rain also benefited corn and sunflower development, with daytime highs remaining below the threshold for heat stress.

Likewise, dry weather prevailed in the Volga District, though cool conditions (up to 4°C below normal) were favorable for spring wheat development.

Despite the generally dry weather pattern, a few scattered showers (2-20 mm) dotted eastern Ukraine and central portions of Russia’s Southern District, providing additional - albeit localized - soil moisture for summer crops.

Meanwhile, showers in western and northern most portions of the region benefited corn and spring grains from Moldova into western Ukraine and Belarus.