Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Here is the moos...

When I was an eighteen year old tractor driver, putting in dawn ‘till midnight shifts in the the English county of Nottinghamshire, the default radio station on in every cab was BBC Radio One.

It was unmitigated toss.

If you have never listened to it count yourself lucky; saccharine, amorphous, putrefying drivel with a middle of the road play list that was on a thirty minute loop.

I was assaulted by this stuff sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, for the entire harvest and planting campaign.

Then late one night shift I inexplicably fiddled with the knobs and stumbled across BBC Radio Four, my life changed forever.

With news, political talk, opinion, documentaries, stories, plays, travel, science and some of the best comedy I have ever heard the long days in the tractor cab were immediately transformed.

Now I could entertain and educate myself while driving in straight lines.

Recently I thought my life was complete when that brilliant woman from the R4 Food Programme, @SheilaDillon started following me on Twitter.

I topped Sheila this morning by appearing on the Farming Today Programme talking about farming in Ukraine and Russia.

I think it’s time to retire.