Saturday, 21 June 2014

Investing in agriculture

Ukraine's agricultural potential and location to markets has not been lost on investors who increasingly see Ukraine as the place to farm with $3 billion invested in 2013.

Agri-investments projects are often funded by entities based in brushed steel and glass offices in cities like London and New York who once they make the decision to go farming in Ukraine actually need someone to go farming in Ukraine.

Consequently there is a steadily increasing demand for experienced, adaptable western agriculturists who can take the rough with the smooth and thrive in the Ukrainian environment while pushing through the change process on the ground required to achieve success.

If you are technically capable, adventurous, adaptable and culturally sensitive with the ability to tolerate excessive hospitality while staying the right side of a table, then Ukraine could be for you.

At times Ukraine is difficult, exasperating, frustrating and sometimes slightly dangerous but where else would you get the chance to plant more crop in one season than you might spend a lifetime growing at home?

Plus you get to dine out on all your jaw dropping stories.