Friday, 18 April 2014

Ukraine crop update

Winter oilseed rape starting to flower as nitrogen, sunshine and warmer weather have taken effect.

There has been a no significant winter kill so almost all plants have survived giving some pretty decent if not slightly thick plant stands.

Recent cool temperatures slowed growth down a little which might not be a bad thing but caused no damage.

Although it is a long way to go before harvest the crop at this stage looks very good.

Winter wheat is in good condition and now at GS30-31 (pseudo stem erect, 1st node detectable) which is what I think they call jointing in the US.

Call me fussy but I do like the simplicity and accuracy of the decimal code growth stage system, makes perfect sense to me.

While I’m at it all decimal makes sense; kilograms or litres per hectare are easily divisible, how on earth do you calculate half rate of 3 pints per acre then decide how much to put in the tank?

And what is a bushel all about?

Soil temperatures are now warm enough for sunflower planting to be well underway with corn and soya getting started further south.

Wishing you and Ukraine a peaceful Easter.