Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Harvest and planting update

Weather conditions have generally been kind for oilseed rape and wheat harvest with both crops now all but finished.

Oilseed rape gross yields are reported somewhere around 2.3mt/ha, similar to last year.

According to ministry 61,000 hectares or 7% of the forecast 924,000 hectares of winter oilseed rape has already been planted. 

My records suggest that’s a slight decrease on last years planted are but we still have a three week planting window to go.

Current local spot price for oilseed rape is a paltry 3,100uah/mt (382usd/mt); this time last year oilseed rape was selling at a more respectable 4,400uah/mt (541usd/mt).

Wheat yields are up on 2012 with the ministry of agriculture’s current official estimate hovering around 3.4mt/ha (last year it was 2.9mt/ha).

Local spot price for 3rd class wheat is 1,200uah (148usd/mt) compared to 1,700uah/mt (210usd/mt) at the same time last year.

Corn is looking good at the moment with this season’s weather playing a big role in helping the crop germinate, grow and pollinate well.  A recent cool spell coincided with corn pollination which helped seed set. 

Current estimations are pegging corn at 5.95mt/ha although the feeling is the price will be low.

Sunflower harvest is away in the south with early yields coming in a smidge over 1.0mt/ha.

Soya is looking good as it generally does at this time of year and early predictions are for a reasonable crop but who make money on soya in Ukraine?