Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ukraine and Russia harvest gets underway

Harvest 2013 is up and running and initial indications are that its going to be big.

Ukraine Ministry of Agrarian Policy are currently pegging rapeseed at 2.0mt/ha, spring barley at 1.5mt/ha, winter barley at 2.7mt/ha, winter wheat at 2.9mt/ha and rye at 2.4mt/ha.

Total grains and pulses are quoted 2.68mt/ha which is up 36% on same time last year.

Across the border, Russia are quoting rapeseed at 1.7mt/ha, barley at 4.4mt/ha (really?) and wheat at 3.5mt/ha. 

Total grains are 3.56mt/ha which is up 26% on same time last year.

As always I would season these figures with plenty of salt but it does look to be true that so far 2013 crops are performing better than 2012.

Although weather does more to meddle with yield figures than mere human intervention the general condition of crops is improving year on year. 

You never used to see tramlines, you do now.

As each season goes the level of knowledge, experience and technology is improving but then again so it should be, this is 2013 after all. 

But before I run away with the idea all is rosy in the workers paradise let's be honest, three ton of wheat is not all that when the rest of Europe pushes six.

The report card reads "Yuri and Dmitri are working hard but they could do better...much better."

And when they do...