Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ukraine Crop update

Five years I have been in Ukraine and it always surprises me how quickly crops move through the growth stages, it really shouldn't by now but it does.

I follow crop development in western Europe via the power of the internet and at the beginning of April we seem so far behind anything in France, Germany or the UK.

Then BAM! May arrives and everything catches right up and starts to get a nose in front.

No sooner has oilseed rape woken up from the long winter, rubbed the sleep out of it's eyes and it's in full flower demanding the mid-flower spray.

Wheat goes from GS30 to flag leaf in the blink of an eye, so much so that you miss T1, have to send all the PGR back and are looking at T2 based on what you bought for T1.

Maize and sunflowers are now out of the ground with two leaves showing and will be up around your knees before the month is out, pushing the pre-em sprayer to the limit as a result.

One free piece of advice if your considering farming in Ukraine; when you have carefully written your workplan and diligently calculated how many sprayers you need, buy one more.