Monday, 19 March 2012

We need to talk about Kiev

Lovely weather in Lviv this weekend; almost shirt sleeves with people out and about on the streets enjoying a beer in the warmish sunshine.

Crops are starting to wake up and recover from the worst of the winter excesses; sunshine and nitrogen do wonders at this time of year. 

Incidentally nitrogen fertiliser price seems to have dropped a smidgen as farmers have delayed purchases.

Spring is sweeping in from the west with snow and ice rapidly melting the further north and east you travel; correspondingly conditions are wet underfoot as the ice thaws but dries quickly in the wind.

My biggest concern is that we have not received sufficient winter rain or snow to replace soil moisture depleted by autumn drought. 

Coupled with poor root development particularly amongst the cereals it won't take long before we are looking at drought stress. 

Hard to believe right now but if we don't see some rain soon then we may be talking drought sooner rather than later.