Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Crops in good condition?

Now I am an optimistic kind of guy.

My glass is made from cut glass and half full of the purest mountain spring water so I don't mean to sound negative but here is some substance behind the current Ukrainian crop condition reports.

Reports are suggesting that the crops are in good condition which is true by and large. 

Wheat has come through the winter in good condition and as sun and nitrogen start to work they look pretty as a picture. 

But they always do in April, May and June, it's from then on that they can go pear shaped as we saw in last year's heat (and it was heat rather than the drought that reduced yield).

Winter oilseed rape falls in to two categories; those that received sufficient rain at establishment and have a good plant stand and those that didn't and will need re planting. 

They need replanting because of weather conditions at establishment not the winter.

I keep reading about the harsh winter we have just had however the figures suggest otherwise.

Apart from a brief cold snap in February the temperatures have been above average and this can be seen in the field, even late sown wheat and small oilseed rape plants have survived.

So what do we learn from all these reports?  

Not a great deal other than to treat news articles with caution, assume there is an agenda (even here) and gather information from as many sources as possible.