Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Business award of the week...

...goes to Narodne Taxi.

I use this taxi company from time to time, they have just dropped me off at home and I have to commend them on a fabulous, customer focused service.

They give me hope that it can be done in Ukraine.

They've taken the basic taxi business, looked at it from the customers eyes and developed a top notch service that other companies would do well to note.

You call them, they phone you back so you don't have to pay for the call, within minutes they text you the time, colour, make of vehicle and price, the taxi turns up on time, clean, in good condition, with all its doors and seatbelts, the driver is sober, courteous and helpful and they give you a discount card to boot.

I am impressed; I would have no hesitation recommending them, well done Narodne Taxi,