Friday, 7 January 2011

How beer gave rise to civilisation

Early humans discovered beer and settled down in the Fertile Crescent to do a bit of farming growing the raw ingredients.

Later when they found that after beer they felt a tad peckish and fancied a sandwich, bread was discovered and thus civilisation was born.

To help them do this they invented the plough.

Despite the enormous costs of moving soil many still think the plough is the only way to farm. I have lost count the number of farmers I have had the "plough versus min till" debate with which usually results in the dismissive "well I can see why min till works but my farm is different and needs ploughing".

Well it ain't sunshine and the MD of Horsch, Michael Horsch agrees with me.

Here is a link to a 45 minute presentation by Mr Horsch on direct drilling and min till which you may find interesting.

You will need to register and they will send you a link to the audio presentation and slides and will probably inundate you with emails about the conference they are promoting but it's a small price to pay.