Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sunflower prices

Have dropped to 3,500UAH (275GBP) from over 4,000UAH.

According to my sources, customs have stopped clearing sunflowers for shipment and this is having a knock on effect on the price as all trade has stopped.

This is not an official ban but then again the ban on cereal exports wasn't official for the first three months.

I have no idea if this is just a localised problem caused by an over zealous Yuri at the port or if he is being encouraged to implement blockages to slow down export.

Either way it's a big problem if it continues for much longer. Sunflowers performed well this year, about the only crop that could put up with the heat and drought and robust price will be crucial to many budgets.

We could all really do with out government interference on this one.