Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Latest iron quotas

The local administration are the guys that ask us to make up yields and how much land we have combined; they hassle us that we are not ploughing or combining enough or doing it wrong; they threaten us with various “solutions” when we fail to comply with their “requests”, they are the guys that wanted to steal 100MT of grain off us for their strategic reserves.

You get the picture, basically administrators with menace.

This week they wanted to put on a party to recognise the end of harvest and to reward our best tractor drivers and combine drivers with a bun fight and prizes.

Fair enough I thought, although it all sounds a bit old school, a bit soviet.

It’s not as if the local administration had anything to do with what we are doing or had any investment in the business, far from it, all they do is to try and extort money form us so why would they want to credit our guys with doing a good job?

Well no change there then as we had to pay them for the party; we had to give them money so they could buy prizes to present our guys.

What did they present? Irons.

I thought I misheard and it was an iRon, the latest gadget from the Steve Jobs stable but no, it was electric irons.