Friday, 8 October 2010

Another example of how not to encourage private enterprise and business innovation?

Thousands of Kyiv kiosks to be removed, relocated or destroyed.

There are 10,843 permanent and temporary licensed kiosks in operation of which 806 have become illegal following a moratorium imposed by Kyiv City Council deputies.

Deputy head of Kyiv Administration Oleksandr Mazurchak said "this is why we are trying to solve the kiosk problem" noting that up to 1,300 kiosks would be removed, relocated or destroyed.

The local authority brings in a law that makes kiosks illegal unless they register presumably at a cost and if you don’t they will destroy your business.

I have lived and worked in Kyiv for years and I have never ever heard of the “kiosk problem”, “a lack of kiosk problem” perhaps.