Thursday, 16 September 2010

Euro 2012 championship slogan

Kyiv City Administration has announced the winner of its much anticipated competition to find the slogan for the Euro 2012 football tournament. And the winner is…

“Kyiv 2012. Europe without borders, Soccer without limits!”

Soccer!! FOOTBALL numb nuts. Plus I have wasted countless hours in passport control so Europe with out borders is just a lie.

Second came; “Kyiv 2012. The shrine of soccer!” Eh?

Third was a marketing tag previously used for an escort service; “Play with Ukraine and win in Kyiv!”

Fourth came “Kyiv - host of soccer world!” oh jeez!.

Fifth; “Golden gates of the soccer championship.” Stop calling it soccer!

What about “Footie fans coming to Kyiv, be sure to bring plenty of cash cos the rozzers will steal it off you!” Or “Kyiv, home of football, home of rigged elections” or my favourite “Kyiv – it's a gas!”