Saturday, 4 September 2010

Buckwheat supplies discussed at cabinet meeting

Not a headline you would expect to see anywhere but Ukraine...and perhaps Russia.

Buckwheat, a staple of Ukrainian diet and mighty tasty to boot, has increased in price so much so that Prime Minister Azarov thought it was an appropriate item to include on the cabinet agenda last Thursday.

If you’re a student in soviet style rhetoric you can read the full transcript here. What got me and it really shouldn’t by now was his lack of understanding of how in a free market economy the government should just bugger off out of it and pretty much let things sort themselves out.

“I just want to warn” he said ominously “those who intend to use the rush and get into a citizens’ purse, will immediately meet the harsh reaction from the State.”

I sometimes wonder if I will get to find out what a “harsh reaction from the State" will mean. Was that the doorbell? Gulag anyone?