Friday, 3 September 2010

Wax on, wax off

While the UK sits in front of the telly watching England Bulgaria some of us have been out and about making sure there is enough grub to eat next year.

I'm not bitter but I have just got home after battling the Kiev traffic, idiots is not strong enough, believe me, kamikaze perhaps.

Anyhoo my point is, if there is one is that we have had some decent rain this week and pretty much all the oilseed rape is in the ground and looking good, wheat seedbeds have been replenished and are also looking good, sunflower harvest is about to start and prices are looking good, soya might be a bit of a problem but on the whole I'm basically positive.

You have to be in this game - a bit like watching England eh? "Zen and the Art of Crop Production" will be my next book.