Monday, 16 August 2010

The power of t’internet

A poll on Kyiv Post had 436 visitors answer the following question that now Russia has banned grain exports after its crops were scorched by a heat wave and wildfires Ukraine should;

a) follow with similar measures to protect its food security. 80.96%

b) resist export restrictions. 4.36%

c) adopt a cautious approach, with targeted export quotas that do not violate WTO rules. 14.68%

That’s the problem with the internet; any loon can get on it and voice an opinion.

Perhaps if they asked the question “Ukraine should follow with similar measures to protect its food security with the knock on effect that small to medium scale farmers will be put out of business and Ukraine will once again be seen as an unreliable export partner reducing future export opportunities thereby exacerbating the plight of farm and ancillary businesses delaying future economic development and prosperity for all” they might not have got such a skewed response.